Kevin Gruen

Photographed by: Christien Wallace

Kevin Gruen is a tireless singer-songwriter from St. Louis, MO who can often can be found doing anywhere from 4 to 6 shows weekly around the St. Louis area, although he has toured nationally to many states as a solo artist! His live shows consist of original music, as well as new spins on classic covers. His frequented repertoire spans from blues, jazz, reggae and rock to inklings of newer alternative, pop, folk and indie hits. Kevin has a vast musical vocabulary which creates a unique original sound, making every show refreshing and new. His one-man-band act consists of singing while performing on guitar and occasionally piano, aided by a suitcase kick drum on his left foot and a tambourine on his right!


            This 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist also performs with several duo and trio configurations. Kevin wrote and produced his first album in 2020 and is in the process of recording another EP. He is featured on many Spotify playlists and has been interviewed on podcasts such as NoColor Podcast, Artist United Network and Overtime Studios Radio Show. His shows are listed on concert calendars such as 88.1 FM KDHX, among other local sources, and he has opened for other blues acts such as Jeremiah Johnson! Kevin also received his first FM radio play earlier in the year of 2021 on 95.1 FM KVCM Los Angeles. In his interview with the DJ for the radio show, Kevin explained that he attempts to fuse many genres and push ultimately for a unique progressive sound, as his biggest influences include classic progressive figures such as Rush, Frank Zappa and Yes.


Contact now at kevingruenmusic@gmail.com!



Press Kit

"No Looking Back"

This project is an acoustic rock project that outlines the idea of taking a leap and betting on ones self. This is the most vital step of chasing a dream and is the title track of the upcoming album, as well as, the single "No Looking Back" released May 4th, 2021.


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